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We also helped Hargis save thousands of dollars by utilizing what were then emerging technologies to deliver the newspaper directly from the computer screen to the printing plant -- as well as to take the paper onto the vast audience of the New Media.

Some stories are best told in traditional print. Some should be told on line. We can help you decide which is best for you. We took Christian Crusade Newspaper past mere print and into the world of viral video.

Technology brings savings as well as challenges. Our experience spans the day of hot lead type through these exciting times as communicators use social media, video games and YouTube to spread their message.

We bring innovation and savings to your project -- applying our years and successes to your special project.

So, how can we help you reach the largest audience for the lowest cost? We'll help you strategize whether you should find a publisher or if you'll have a greater impact avoiding print altogether -- such as hitting the social media as you create interest in an ebook not even finished.
...and you have such exciting options today!

Dr. Billy James Hargis was the Rush Limbaugh of the 1960s, inspiring millions nightly on high-powered AM radio. In 1991, he asked us to redesign his monthly newspaper.

We produced the international tabloid for the next 21 years as well as three monthly direct-mail pieces that brought in most of his financial support. We also took his message onto the internet with a popular website.
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creative solutions

Our challenge when we tackled the Safe
Routes to School curriculum was how to make it
readily accessible nationwide to the most
physical education teachers as possible.

The decision was to make all eleven books in
the kindergarten thru high school curriculum
downloadable without charge. Furthermore, it was
decided to make it easy to read or download from
any computer.

In fact, rather than require teachers to have an
e-book reading device such as Kindle or Nook,
Safe Routes to School was formatted be read on
just about any computer, pad or smartphone. To
check out the curriculum, CLICK on the photo at

Rather than clutter up the teacher's desk
with one more pile of books, the day's lesson plan
can be printed directly from the screen -- as well
as student worksheets and send-home material
and permission sheets for parents.

But you probably don't want to give away
your book. So, we'll help you select the best
available format for your needs -- so your work
can be sold on your website or through Amazon
and other e-book vendors.

But wait, perhaps you don't want an e-book.
After all, millions of readers want to hold a printed
volume in their hands, turn the pages and write in
the margins. We'll help you produce a traditional
book, utilizing established printers whose qualify has pleased our customers for three decades.

And if you're wanting to go with a publishing company that will print, distribute and market your book, we'll advise you on how to approach editors, publishers and literary agents.