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                                                                      NICKY CRUZ: What amazing experiences!
                                                                      Nicky Cruz was already the New York Times bestselling author of Run Baby
Run. His dramatic story had been told in the runaway bestseller and Pat Boone movie The Cross and the Switchblade by David Wilkerson.

In his rough draft for his upcoming book, Where Were You When I Was Hurting, he described being invited before the fall of the Soviet Union to speak to a drug-prevention conference of Communist physicians in Russian-occupied Hungary. In the same paragraph, he mentioned that in order to fly to Hungary, he had to leave a crusade in Mexico City that had just been hit by a devastating earthquake.

At the crusade, Cruz mentioned in passing, a famous atheist's crippled son's leg had grown out eight inches when the boy jumped up excitedly to respond to the altar call. And in Budapest, Cruz was invited to share his story at historic St. Stephen's Basilica -- which was packed to capacity with the overflow crowd outside listening on loudspeakers. From that single amazing paragraph, we were able to draw from Cruz five additional chapters, filled with stories that Cruz realized were too incredible to omit.

Over the next decade, we did a dozen books with Cruz -- an amazing storyteller living a miraculous life.

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DAN LEWIN: Holocaust child
Dan Lewin came to us describing how as a pre-schooler, he watched in the street while
Nazi soldiers grabbed his grandfather, a smalltown rabbi on the German-Polish border,
by his beard and threw him in the back of a truck with most of the town's Jews -- and
took them a concentration camp where they were all exterminated.

But little Dan lived. He told us how his parents escaped to wartime Berlin, seemingly
the worst possible place for a Jewish family to try hide from Hitler.

We knew this was a story that had to be told. Into a tape recorder, Lewin reminesced,
recounting walking past broken windows of burned-out businesses with "JEW" painted on
their door. Or playing as quietly as possible with other Jewish kids in hiding places such
as Berlin's vast city dump,

He told of deadly games such as evading police and running away from vicious Hitler
Youth. Of at age 5 not being allowed to enter stores or ride streetcars -- or
                                                                             to attend school. Of going to bed
                                                                             hungry every night and knowing that
                                                                            some of his playmates would
                                                                             disappear each week.

                                                                            Then Lewin described to us his
                                                                             euphoria at age 9 when Allied planes
                                                                             began flying over.  And his terror when
                                                                             bombs fell, devastating the German

                                                                             But wait, we objected, what
                                                                             about the years in between? Lewin
                                                                             had skipped most of World War II. Only reluctantly did he go back and relive those
                                                                             years -- describing cowering in sewers, scavenging in burned-out ruins and being
                                                                             unable at age 9 and 10 to do much to help the dead and dying.

                                                                             His is a powerful story and no exception to the truth that even the best writers
                                                                             need experienced editors.
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